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Martín López Corredoira (1970-), PhD in Physics, PhD in Philosophy. Staff researcher at Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias (Canary islands, Spain). Author of more than a hundred papers on astrophysics... Read More »


A new sickness, COVID-19 known as Coronavirus 2019, has become one of the most worrying problems on the planet these days. Certainly, it could be a serious thing in many aspects, especially for the people who become infected and, consequently, for the health systems of many countries if this number were to extend to large portions of the population. Nonetheless, there are also positive aspects. As said by the proverb, every cloud has a silver lining.  

Written by Francesco Sylos Labini and Martín López Corredoira.

Because its spirit seeks truth objectively rather than by imposition, science must enjoy academic freedom to be useful. The spirit of science is dialectic, in perpetual open discussion and debate about the nature of things. It is the opposite of religion, the opposite of fundamentalist positions and dogma, the opposite of politics or diplomacy.