Mathematics is a fundamental code of Universe.It definitely connects the nature. But the present system of mathematics may be modified.The reason is---- Man created a language called mathematics which must be in synchronization with physical world(we can say physics). He made a system to represent physical things like two chairs or two dogs etc. to resolve the complication of logical thinking.

Mathematics explained all the things but fundamentally at zero it could not explain the synchronization of mathematical system with physical system.The system should be in such a way that it should explain zero divided by zero is equal to zero only not "not defined" only theory of relativity can explain this .thus in my opinion the mathematical system should be changed in such a way that it should synchronize with relativity of physical world. The result is for 100 rupees note we get an exchange of 101 rupee and 1000 rupees we may get 1002 rupees.

Thus complete economics we are following may be some where wrong.Some body is loosing somebody is gaining.ALL THE SYSTEMS SHOULD SATISFY OR CONNECT PERFECTLY WITH EACH OTHER. Mathematics or economics should perfectly synchronize with physical world.