Marie Godfrey has left a comment on one of my posts recently, and asked me whether I’d like to write about her blog and the Genetic Alliance non-profit organization. They both try to make genetics more readable and understandable for laymen and people with genetic conditions. So first, let’s take a deeper look at GeneForum and the Genetizen blog:

Advances in genetics and biotechnology are impacting society in provocative ways. The Genetizen is written by a select group of scientists, bioethicists, and healthcare professionals who provide you with expert analysis and commentary on many important issues.


I can’t admire enough the goals like that:

Geneforum strives to promote civic discourse about genetic policy through public education, public engagement, and public consultation. In those roles, we help the general populace learn more about genetic science and the ethical issues emerging from its application. Our aim is to create an informed and engaged citizenry with the capacity to help guide the development of public policies for the common good.

You can find forums about gene doping, geneitic privacy, genetic testing, genetics and pop culture. On the blog, the last comment seems to be 7 weeks old, so visit this blog and keep up with the interesting changes.

My second job today is to present the work and aims of Genetic Alliance. According to an excerpt of their brochure:

Genetic Alliance provide leadership and infrastructure development for more than 600 disease-specific advocacy organizations. This critical work increases funding for research, critical services, strategic partnership, and support for emerging technologies.


How can they help patients with genetic condition? With interactive guides to advocacy, family history resources or the genetic alliance resource repository. Genetics is sometimes associated with negative processes and terms (genetically modified organism, genetic diseases, cloning, etc.). So it’s crucial how we interpret the news and facts of genetics to the public. These blogs and organizations do a fantastic job in that.