Scientists at Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche in Italy have discovered particles of cocaine and marijuana in the air around Rome, they revealed today.

Rome's atmosphere contained 0.1 nanograms per cubic meter of cocaine at its height during their analysis. Not a substantial impact but still a cause for concern. This was in addition to benzopyrene C20H12 and other types of emissions.

"These suspended particles, better known by the term PM10 or `thin powders'”, explains the director of the Institute for Atmospheric Pollution Dr. Ivo Allegrini, "are a concern for public health. It is documented that even small concentrations can cause serious damage."

They performed the analyses in Rome, Taranto and Algiers. As you might expect, concentration was heaviest around a college, Sapienze University in Rome.

Nicotine and caffeine were detected in all three locations, "showing how widespread consumption of these substances is and how they remain in the atmosphere," the statement from CNR said.

Source: CNR