MicroAire has entered the Biologics market with the launch of the StromaCell mechanical cell-separation device, which is is designed to prepare an autologous nucleated cell concentrate from a sample of adipose tissue, or fat, at the patient's point of care.

The StromaCell's closed-system design uses centrifugation to concentrate a stromal-vascular fraction from adipose tissue, for which there are numerous applications.

The StromaCell has multiple chambers designed to isolate the dense nucleated cells through centrifugation, a technique that has been used for decades, however, the StromaCell makes extracting the cell concentrate easier than using a typical centrifuge tube. The canister holds 500ml of lipoaspirate and is part of a sterile kit containing items that allow the operator to transfer the contents of the canister back into the sterile field after centrifugation. 

"StromaCell™ is an elegant way to isolate a cell concentrate from adipose tissue with minimal manipulation of the tissue. It's designed to help surgeons achieve more predictable results, which is very important in Aesthetic surgery," said Arthur Pike, General Manager of MicroAire® Aesthetics. "The StromaCell™ is an exciting product for MicroAire® because it is the first device that gets ten times more nucleated cells than other approved cell-separation technologies, such as bone marrow aspirate concentrate. Plus, it's so simple to use – just put it into the centrifuge and ten minutes later you've got stromal cells."