Shaving facial hair, bikini line, legs and armpits can cause wounds, which are an ideal setting for Staphylococcus aureus bacteria to cause infections. This 'shaving irritation' is characterized by redness, pimples, shaving bumps and an itching and burning sensation.

Antibiotics and traditional anti-bacterial products do not distinguish between good and bad bacteria but a healthy bacterial population is important. Dutch market research panel '' tested Gladskin Skin Irritation on a large group of men and women suffering from skin irritation after shaving and it received an 80% score on efficacy and 91% on user satisfaction.  

Gladskin Skin Irritation targets only Staphylococcus aureus because shaving irritation is almost always caused by this bacterial species, the study authors say. It is also practically unavoidable. Dutch biotechnology company firm Micreos says Gladskin kills only Staphylococcus aureus yet leaves good bacteria intact.  Gladskin is a Micreos Human Health brand focusing on the development of hypoallergenic products for skin problems with an infectious component and Micreos is a Dutch biotechnology company with research and production centres in Wageningen and Bilthoven, and headquarters in The Hague. The company collaborates with numerous institutes and universities, including the Swiss Federal Technology Institute in Zurich, Erasmus Medical Centre in Rotterdam, the University Medical Centre Utrecht and TNO.

Presented at the recent European Congress of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases in Barcelona.