DALLAS, August 3, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- The leading virtualization resource site, VirtualizationAdmin.com, announced today that the 2X ApplicationServer for Windows Terminal Services was selected as winner of the Application Server category of the VirtualizationAdmin.com Readers' Choice Awards.

Our Readers' Choice Awards give visitors to our site the opportunity to vote for the products they view as the very best in their respective category, said Sean Buttigieg, VirtualizationAdmin.com manager. VirtualizationAdmin.com users are specialists in their field who encounter various solutions for virtualization at the workplace. The award serves as a mark of excellence, providing the ultimate recognition from peers within the industry.

VirtualizationAdmin.com conducts bi-monthly polls to discover which product is preferred by administrators in a particular category of third party solutions for virtualization environments. The awards draw a huge response per category and are based entirely on the visitors' votes. VirtualizationAdmin.com users can submit their votes for the current Readers' Award poll in the site's left-hand bar.

To see the complete Readers' Choice Awards results, please visit: Readers' Choice Awards Results. ( http://www.virtualizationadmin.com/news/general/VirtualizationAdmin-Read... hoice-Award-Application-Servers-2X-ApplicationServer-Windows-Terminal-Service s-Jun10.html)

About 2X ApplicationServer for Windows Terminal Services

The 2X ApplicationServer tunnels any Windows application or desktop onto remote computers, including Mac and Linux desktops, without the need to install the application or desktop onto each user's machine. This provides significant savings on administration and support. Key features include:

- Application publishing, rather than local installation - Tunneling specific applications rather than a complete desktop - Publish applications to Web interface - Publish Windows applications to Linux and Mac - Multiple monitor support - Automatic redundancy - Application publishing based on username, group membership or IP - Seamless integration with local desktop and taskbar - SSL-secured connection to applications - Universal printing and scanning - Application license management - Integration with 2X LoadBalancer - Windows 2008 Server 32 / 64-bit support

The 2X ApplicationServer Version 8 was recently released, combining virtual computing technology and thin client management within a single application. New features include TWAIN re-direction, improved direct client settings management and the zero-management thin client feature. For more information on Version 8 features, please visit our blog post. (http://www.2x.com/blog/2009/10/virtualization/get-ready-for-2x-virtualde... pserver-and-applicationserver-v-8/)

For a Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) comparison of the 2X ApplicationServer 8 vs. Citrix XenApp 5, please visit our TCO blog post. (http://www.2x.com/blog/2010/01/2x-product/2x-applicationserver/substanti... t-cost-reduction-with-2x-applicationserver/)

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Obtaining the Trial Version

2X is offering a 30-day trial version of the 2X ApplicationServer for Windows Terminal Services. After the 30-day trial period, users can still use the 3-connection free version by registering for the 3-connection license key on the 2X website. Download the trial version ( http://www.2x.com/applicationserver/download.html) today.

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About 2X

2X Software Ltd. develops enterprise server-based virtual computing software, enabling desktop virtualization and application streaming on personal computers and thin client devices. Its product line, which includes the award-winning 2X VirtualDesktopServer and 2X ApplicationServer, is easily scalable, installable, and manageable with straightforward licensing, resulting in product prices far below those of competitors. For more information, please visit: http://www.2x.com.

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