BERLIN, October 24 /PRNewswire/ -- Electronic books, super sharp flat-screen TVs, and printed solar cells are all being produced in Germany, helping to make the German printed electronics industry a world leader in innovation and product development: Excellence and innovation in the field of printed electronics will be honored at this year's Global Plastic Electronics conference in Berlin, running from October 27-29, when the Plastic Electronics Foundation presents its Awards for Innovation.

The printed electronics industry has worldwide sales that are expected to hit Euro 18 billion in 2015 and could exceed Euro 150 billion by 2020. Printed electronics requires many areas of expertise at which Germany excels such as industrial production, printing processes, and chemicals. The strength of the main application industries in Germany such as the automotive, medical devices, and photovoltaics industries also contributes to the country's position as a top investment location for printed electronics.

Diversity of expertise was one major reason that the British company Plastic Logic Ltd. chose the eastern German city of Dresden in 2007 to host its Euro 100 million manufacturing facility, that just opened in September. There the company produces hand-held reading devices that allow users to read newspapers or books electronically, thus reducing dependence on paper.

Plastic Logic Ltd. is one of many companies to invest in Germany's silicon Saxony region, near Dresden. Over Euro 10 billion has been invested there since 1994. Proximity to suppliers, research institutes, such as the Fraunhofer Institute for Photonic Microsystems, and other business partners are enticing industry leaders to come to the region.

At this year's 4th annual Global Plastic Electronics conference, the Plastic Electronics Foundation will be launching the first edition of its Awards for Innovation in three categories: Academia - for original and revolutionary research, Technology Developers - for the most innovative developments in organic electronics, and End User - for the most innovative application of organic electronics. The prizes will be awarded at a gala dinner on October 27th. Invest in Germany is supporting the awards and will be present with an information stand during the 3-day conference in Berlin to present Germany's advantages as an investment location for printed electronics.

Invest in Germany is the inward investment promotion agency of the Federal Republic of Germany. It provides investors with comprehensive support from site selection to the implementation of investment decisions. It can be found in booth15-16 at Global Plastic Electronics 2008.

Media Contact: Eva Henkel, Invest in Germany, Phone: +49-30-200099-173, Fax: +49-30-200099-111, Email: .

Media Contact: Eva Henkel, Invest in Germany, Phone: +49-30-200099-173, Fax: +49-30-200099-111, Email: .