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Addintools announced today the launch of Classic Menu for Office 2007 v3.91, an interface add-on for Microsoft Office 2007 that brings back the classic style of the Microsoft Office 2003 interface with all the new features of Microsoft Office 2007, as well as the ability to automatically deploy to the client's computers in enterprises or organizations.

Many consider that the new ribbon-style interface of Microsoft Office 2007 puts usual users of Microsoft Office 2003 into a fair amount of confusion, forcing them to spend many hours and days getting used to it, often switching back to Microsoft Office 2003 with its habitual interface. Enterprises and organizations working with documents or other Microsoft Office-related formats that eventually decide to update their office software to Microsoft Office 2007 will often encounter problems because of the completely new interface of Microsoft Office 2007.

In order to avoid such problems, Addintools is now offering a powerful solution, Classic Menu for Office 2007. This add-on brings back not only the classic interface of Microsoft Office 2003 to Office 2007 -- the classic menus and toolbars -- but also has the ability of automatic deploy throughout whole enterprises and organizations. However, all the features of Microsoft Office 2007 are available for use with Classic Menu for Office 2007. Classic Menu for Office 2007 also allows users to seamlessly switch between the two interfaces.

Addintools also highlighted that licensed customers are entitled to free updates and technical support for two years after the date of purchase.

Pricing of volume licenses are available at http://www.addintools.com/english/menuoffice/volumelicenses.htm .

Additional information on the product, as well as a free evaluation copy are available from http://www.addintools.com or http://www.addintools.com/english/menuoffice .

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