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- Parador's Designer Collection Receives the Red Dot Award: Product Design 2009

Parador has once more produced an excellent best practice example of the design success factor. On 16th March 2009, Laminate Edition 1, for which six top international designers and architects each designed two floor decors, won the sought-after red dot award: product design 2009.

The red dot award awarded by the North Rhine Westphalia Design Centre in Essen since 1992, enjoys worldwide acclaim as an acknowledged design prize. Among the 3,231 innovations submitted in the Product Design category by about 1,400 companies from 49 countries, Parador's Laminate Edition 1 designer collection convinced an internationally renowned panel of experts who met with the promoter in Essen to judge the products. Like all the products submitted, the Laminate Edition 1 collection, which is manufactured by digital printing and has 12 individual floor patterns, was subjected to a series of strict evaluation criteria that is constantly adapted to the latest knowledge of form, technical, manufacturing-specific, social, economic and ecological requirements. Is the product as a whole new or does it add a new, desirable quality to what already exists? This designer collection launched in international markets in January 2009 was able to convince the international jury on questions like this on the level of innovation and also on functionality, quality of form, the symbolic and emotional content and quality of self certification. Parador assesses its successful participation as the winner of the red dot design award as an opportunity to expand its prominent position as a top performer in international competition and at the same time as recognition of its own innovation strategy that recombines design skills and new technological developments again and again.

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Contact: Parador GmbH Co.KG, Gaby Wenning, Public Relations, Millenkamp 7-8, D- 48653 Coesfeld,, +49-(0)2541-736-324. Parador GmbH Co.KG, Ulrike Feierabend-Hoffmeier, Head of Marketing, Millenkamp 7-8, 48653 Coesfeld,, +49-(0)-2541-736-145