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Suzy Brownlee has created a new series of children's books for ages 9-12, featuring her two daughters who sing 'Run', a song composed especially for the series.

Hoping to take a small step in addressing the recent findings into the declining state of UK children's literacy, Brownlee's The Littlest Detective in London, released today, entices readers with a YouTube video, dedicated website and photographic images of the lead characters, who are played by daughters Imogen, aged 9, and Britta, aged 16.

The Littlest Detective is a black comedy - it's about loss, betrayal and revenge, said Suzy Brownlee today. Dragging tweens away from the computer and into reading isn't easy, so I did a little market research around the breakfast table, and according to my girls, YouTube is the place to start.

The Littlest Detective in London is GBP5.99 from Prospera Publishing. The YouTube link is

A non-practising barrister who has edited magazines and written for a number of publications, London-based Brownlee got the idea for a new book series when her youngest daughter was reluctant to read anything on offer at local bookstores.

The story itself was inspired by her often feuding children and focuses on 9-year-old Clementine Cordelia Bird - whose mother has mysteriously disappeared - and her ongoing altercations with a teenaged criminal genius from fictitious Slakistan, Natasha Commonov.

It's kooky cool, says Imogen Brownlee, using a phrase from the book. All my friends love it, which is good but also kind of weird.

Subsequent titles in the series will focus on different world cities, providing a strong educational benefit to young readers. For example, in the second title in the series (to be released November 2009) the characters find themselves in Paris and in 2010, they venture to Tokyo and Venice.

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