LONDON, November 25, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- Online insurance specialists Protect your Bubble ( have launched the second in a series of three videos based around iPhone addiction in an innovative viral marketing campaign, featuring a young chap suffering a mishap with his smartphone in a local launderette.

Older viewers might recognise the 1980s jeans commercial inspiration behind the viral video, the latest in the series from Protect Your Bubble highlighting some of the more unusual insurance claims they have covered in 2010. The short film was recorded on location at a local launderette just south of Manchester city centre.

The video is hosted on a Protect your Bubble microsite: and will be promoted on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Vimeo and via additional channels across the web.

Before the launderette viral, the previous video in the series of three short film clips featured a candle-lit bath and an ensuing exchange of picture messages for one young lady leading to ill-fated consequences, also at

In the last 12 months Protect your Bubble have helped out iPhone policy holders who have reported claims such as, 'I dropped it from a hot air balloon', 'My dog chewed it', 'I dropped it in a blender' and 'It fell into the kettle'. Most common claims were for cracked screens, lost or stolen handsets and iPhones dropped in toilets and baths.

One further video will be released in the coming weeks as part of a marketing campaign for Protect your Bubble, which emphasises the risk of using expensive gadgets in daring situations.

Stephen Ebbett, spokesperson for (, stated: "With so many iPhone and smartphone addicts carrying their gadgets with them wherever they go, it's not surprising that they are being lost or damaged in a host of unusual ways. Our gadget and iPhone insurance products would be ideal for the colourful personalities who feature in this series of viral videos." ( provide camera insurance policies from GBP1.49 a month, iPhone insurance from GBP5.99 a month and laptop insurance from just GBP3.99 a month.

About Protect your Bubble ( is an online insurance provider trying to make personal insurance simple, easy and uncomplicated - from buying a policy to making a claim. It currently offers gadget, travel, personal emergency, home emergency, car, life, car hire, home and pet insurance.

Other than iPhone insurance packages, Protect your Bubble also offers gadget insurance on cameras, camcorders, notebooks, Blackberry devices, iPods, iPads mobile phones, game consoles, MP3 players, PC's, PDA's, Macbooks and satnavs from GBP1.49 a month.

SOURCE: Protect your Bubble

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