AMSTERDAM, September 2 /PRNewswire/ -- Avantium announced today that it has entered into a master services agreement with Chevron Energy Technology Company for the application of high-throughput technologies in the development of catalysts in the oil and gas field.

Avantium specializes in high-throughput methodologies that enable scientists to conduct parallel experiments on a very small scale, under industrial conditions and at a very high speed.

This agreement allows Chevron Energy Technology Company to access high-throughput methodologies as part of the suite of tools used in the development of catalysts.

"The agreement with Chevron Energy Technology Company allows both parties to make use of the advantages of high-throughput technologies for the development of catalysts for the most demanding petrochemical processes. Our skills sets have proven to significantly reduce the time-to-market of new products and this agreement with Chevron Energy Technology Company demonstrates the value of our technological capabilities," commented Tom van Aken, Chief Executive Officer of Avantium.

Profile Avantium

Avantium is a leading technology company in the area of advanced high-throughput R&D operating in the energy, chemicals and pharmaceutical industries. The company develops products and processes in the area of biofuels, bio-based chemicals and novel crystal forms of existing drugs by applying its proprietary, high-throughput R&D technology. Avantium has demonstrated the potential of this technology by providing R&D services and tools to more than 70 companies worldwide, including many of the world's largest energy, chemicals and pharmaceutical companies. Avantium has approximately 120 employees; its offices and head quarters are based in Amsterdam.

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