NEW YORK, January 7 /PRNewswire/ -- Babylon Ltd., the leading provider of single-click dictionary ( and translation software (, announced today the release of its application for Blackberry(R).

Babylon for Blackberry(R) is suited for the individual user and for Babylon-Enterprise corporate customers. It will first be introduced to large-volume Babylon-Enterprise corporate customers to enable its employees to host Babylon's dictionary application locally on their own Blackberry(R) Smartphone.

Babylon Enterprise server-based customers will enjoy the dictionary application accessing corporate information and dictionary results in a click.

- The Babylon application for Blackberry(R) provides the full organization information. When you look for a colleague, competitor or product, all you have to do is place the cursor Blackberry(R) editor on the text and you will get the relevant info. - Anywhere that text appears on the Blackberry(R), Babylon will be displayed and provide results. - Babylon provides access to its well known reference content on Blackberry(R)

Babylon-Enterprise and Blackberry(R) is the ultimate tool.

Babylon is presently in the process developing an application for the private sector as well, which will be available within a few months.

About Babylon Ltd. (TASE: BBYL) is a leading provider of offline and online dictionary ( and text translation ( solutions. The user base exceeds 60 million desktop installations.

Babylon sold more than 2.5 million licenses of the software to private users and organizations in more than 200 countries.

For more information about Babylon, visit or one of Babylon's free online dictionary ( and online translation ( websites.

Press contact: Dalia Preisler Babylon Ltd. +1-866-808-6361

SOURCE: Babylon Ltd

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