NIEUWEGEIN, The Netherlands, December 21 /PRNewswire/ -- Ballast Nedam will achieve a 30% reduction in its CO2 emissions by the end of 2020. One result of the 2009 Carbon Awareness Programme (CAP) was the establishment of the Carbon Footprint. Ballast Nedam's CO2 emissions for 2008 totalled 80 kilotons. Before the end of 2010, Ballast Nedam will have achieved a 10% reduction in emissions compared to 2008 levels (adjusted for changes in turnover). These are the specific targets of our energy policy.

The package of measures is primarily aimed at restricting energy consumption and at facilitating the transition to renewable energy.

In 2010, Ballast Nedam will develop a mobility plan, aimed at reducing the number of transport movements by employees, and at reducing the emissions generated by unavoidable transport movements. This plan will also include existing measures to promote the use of natural-gas fuelled vehicles, as a transition to the use of green gas (from the gasification of biomass).

More green power will be purchased.

The Infrastructure division has been awarded a CO2 Awareness Certificate (Level Three on ProRail's CO2 Performance Ladder) on the basis of measures that have already been taken.

Ballast Nedam delivers sustainable total solutions in the built environment by offering an integrated blend of specialties and operations in all phases of the construction process. This includes the use of a results-oriented sustainability policy, the effectiveness of which is reported in accordance with GRI guidelines.


SOURCE: Ballast Nedam NV

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