NIEUWEGEIN, The Netherlands, February 14 /PRNewswire/ -- In the news release, "Ballast Nedam: New Order for 170 Million Euros" issued on 14 Feb 2008 08:13 GMT, by Ballast Nedam NV AEX:BALN over PR Newswire, we are advised by a representative of the company that there have been revisions to the 1st paragraph. In the 2nd line, the text "multi-fuel power plant Nuon Magnum IGCC" has been changed to "gasfired part of the Nuon Magnum power plant". Further along, the place name "Eemshaven" has also been added so the text reads "Eemshaven, Groningen, The Netherlands." Complete, corrected release follows:

Ballast Nedam has signed a contract with Mitsubishi Corporation for the civil, structural and architectural (CSA) work for the gasfired part of the Nuon Magnum power plant in Eemshaven, Groningen, The Netherlands. With a capacity of 1,300 MW, Nuon Magnum can provide energy for over two million households.

The contract includes temporary facilities, the concrete foundation, steel construction, as well as design & construction of the entire cooling-water circuit. The total revenue for Ballast Nedam Infra in this project is approximately 170 million Euros with a construction schedule of about three years.

This project fits Ballast Nedam's strategy to increasingly concentrate on niche markets, including industrial construction. Ballast Nedam calls upon its resources of established, distinctive capital in this area. Ballast Nedam and Mitsubishi Corporation have already worked together on several power plants in the past.


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