DALLAS, February 18, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- BancTec Inc. (http://www.banctec.com/), a global provider of advanced, high-volume, document and payment processing solutions and services, has gone into production with a major rollout of its CenterVision solution for Public Works and Government Services Canada (http://www.tpsgc-pwgsc.gc.ca/comm/index-eng.html) (PWGSC). CenterVision, which is BancTec's global platform for processing and managing multiple streams of in-bound information, will improve the agency's efficiency and speed of service as it processes approximately 6 million paper, fax and electronic documents per year for the country's federal employee pension plan, Superannuation Pension Transition and Client Services.

As part of its Pension Modernization Project, the Canadian government replaced a 35-year-old mainframe application with new imaging and document processing technologies. CenterVision forms the core of the solution for PWGSC. Three BancTec IntelliScan(R) (http://www.banctec.com/products/intelliscan/) scanners already utilized by the Canadian government capture images, while PayCourier(R) Archive (http://www.banctec.com/products/paycourier-archive/) serves as the image repository, and Logistics Manager helps track and trace documents as they are transported from one location to another.

CenterVision will process all incoming correspondence, original documents, vital statistics documents, forms, payments, void checks and file folders of pensioners. By converting all of these paper and electronic documents into usable digital content, PWGSC will gain greater control and efficiency over a process that can become unwieldy as volumes increase. In addition, with a majority of the processing being completed within a short 24 hour window, the information can be sent much more quickly into PWGSC's customer relationship management (CRM) system for case processing. Finally, with so many different forms being processed, the solution provides automated mechanisms to ensure data integrity, reduce unnecessary keystrokes and decrease the processing cost per page. As a result, the organization saves time and resources, with employees able to spend more time on value-add activities.

We are thrilled to go live with an integrated BancTec solution that will save the Canadian government a significant amount of time and money in the handling and processing of pensioner files, said Michael D. Fallin, senior vice president and president, Americas, BancTec. This project is a testament to the strong footprint of the global BancTec organization, our ability to deliver excellence using world-wide project teams, and our understanding of how to integrate industry best practices into the core of the CenterVision solution.

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