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BancTec, a global provider of advanced, high-volume, document and payment processing services and solutions, announced today that French services provider Flandre Ateliers has selected BancTec's CenterVision(TM) content management solution and IntelliScan(R) XDS high-volume production scanner for its service operation in Tourcoing, France.

Flandre Ateliers manages incoming mail for customers and then converts the information into a digital format. Seeking to enhance its capabilities and provide more customized mail-processing solutions for one of its largest clients - Orange - Flandre Ateliers in 2008 conducted a benchmark test of all the key electronic document management solution vendors. After the benchmark was concluded, Flandre Ateliers chose BancTec's CenterVision and IntelliScan XDS because of their unique control and configuration capabilities. The configuration capabilities of BancTec's solutions, which enable disabled employees to better execute work requirements, were especially key to Flandre Ateliers' decision.

The Social Enterprise employs 280 contributors, of which more than 80% are handicapped. We needed an ergonomic solution that could easily adapt to the final user, as well as meet our client's business requirements, said Herve Knecht, president of the board at Flandre Ateliers. In this instance, CenterVision's data capture tool, with its ease of configuration, was the perfect answer to our adaptation challenges. Moreover, the real-time management and monitoring capabilities, as well as the ability to dynamically reassign technical and human resources as needed, help us meet client requirements. We believe these are the best performing solutions on the market and will differentiate our service capabilities.

The 15,000 mail items received daily by Flandre Ateliers on behalf of Orange represent approximately 45,000 pages to be processed. Previously, Flandre Ateliers manually pre-processed incoming mail and classified all documents prior to scanning. The data set was then sent to the SI service at Orange to be processed. Much of the manual effort will now be automated thanks to CenterVision, which allows for the capture, extraction, sorting, indexation, and distribution of incoming information.

We are delighted to win this contract with our latest transaction content processing solution, CenterVision, said Pascal Wirth, general manager at BancTec France. CenterVision will enable Flandre Ateliers to automate Orange's client-mail processing, as well as increase its ability to quickly provide new services for other clients.

Based on a business process management platform, CenterVision is a complete document and transactional content management (TCM) solution. CenterVision allows for overall production piloting and document tracing (physical/logical) at each production step, including multi-site, multi-client, multi-application, multi-document, and multi-format capture, with final export to other business applications.

The power of CenterVision lies in its ability to:

-- Absorb a wide variety of information flow types, whether in-house or remote thanks to its import and telecollection module. -- Forecast future workload. -- Enable a user to supervise and redirect processing via its real time instrument panel. -- Dynamically allocate technical and human resources to meet service commitments.

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