If you are a vegan and opt your child out of a nornal diet, they are going to suffer from malnutrition and you may end up in jail.

Dr. Paul Saladino,  on the other end is just as dangerous, because he claims science doesn't exist so infants should be eating honey, raw milk and even meat.

It's nonsense without any empirical foundation but it also exposes a weakness in modern medical schools; no medical school that is sending physicians into the real world of patient care should be graduating people who focus on alternative medicine. They do it for the same reason Cleveland Clinic will endorse Dr. Mark Hyman nonsense; it brings them money from patients who love celebrity doctors.

They don't need it. With the federal government running American health care into the ground, real doctors will be in demand more than ever. Leave the junk to osteopaths or anyone else who couldn't get into medical school. Folk medicine, traditional medicine, alternative medicine, complementary medicine, and integrative medicine are all new names for the same rubbish - things that they claim matter when they are really like music therapy or prayer or wellness mumbo-jumbo. They cannot and will not work without real medicine being involved.

The University of Arizona graduated this guy likely knowing he wanted to be the next Dr. Oz. He also did a residency where they must have coddled this medically illiterate buffoon.

At every step along the way they could have stopped him and asked, 'hey, do you actually want to be a doctor, or some sort of shaman selling supplements?' but apparently no one did.

Now he is telling people to risk their infant's health by feeding them the number one food bacteria risk in the world - raw animal milk peddled by anti-science hippies to gullible consumers. Why would you expose a vulnerable infant you claim to love to botulism? He recommends the food most likely to give it to them - and with outstanding efficiency he creates all this fear and doubt about real health practices for infants in under a minute.

You wouldn't do this if you had any clue about public health, and this guy should not be telling you to do so while wrapping himself in his medical degree. Europe has a mechanism to revoke a PhD if you engage in fraud, and this is one of the few times I wish we were more like them.