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- Most Women Admit to Letting Themselves go After Having Children and...

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With so many celebrity mums losing their baby weight and looking glam within
weeks of giving birth, there is more pressure than ever on the rest of us to
look good after having kids.

A recent GMTV survey revealed that 73% of new mums find themselves spending
less time on their appearance since becoming mothers. Looking good surrounded by
nappies may seem like a dream, but as elite semi-permanent make-up artist Debra
Robson Lawrence reveals, the yummy mummies have a secret tip! Semi-permanent

Debra Robson-Lawrence a make up artist with the UK’s leading
Semi-Permanent Make up clinic in London’s elite Harley Street has tattooed
the faces of over 30,000 clients from glamorous grannies to Hollywood A-listers.

Just because you’ve had a baby doesn’t mean you have to let your
style go out the window. As a mum myself I know there is no time to apply a full
face of make up in the morning, but with semi-permanent make up I am helping new
mums feel sexier and more attractive, even if you haven’t lost your baby
weight yet!

We are inundated with bookings for ladies who have lost their confidence after
childbirth and feel that they are now seen just as a mum as opposed to a woman
and who want to turn themselves from ’slummy mummies’ into more
glamorous ’yummy mummies’... Semi-Permanent make up is exactly what
it says...make up that is long lasting and won’t wipe off so whether your
changing nappies, doing a feed or you just want to look sexy for your partner...
You will look stunningly pretty all day long! Debra’s six week waiting
list confirms clients love the empowering feeling they get from the treatments.

Thanks to her gift, you can now turn back the clock, correct flaws - or simply
achieve a can’t-tell-it-from-real, low-maintenance beauty. 24/7, and 365
days a year...take a look at the website

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