JOENSUU, Finland, April 26, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- Blancco, the global leader in data erasure and end-of-lifecycle solutions, today announced that Sims Recycling Solutions ensures assets are data safe before they are recycled or refurbished by embedding Blancco's data erasure software into its proprietary online system, WebView.

With 37 sites around the world, Sims Recycling Solutions is a global leader in electrical and electronics recovery and recycling. In 2009 alone, Sims Recycling processed more than 660 million pounds of electronics and refurbished 1.5 million assets. To help customers simplify the management of these assets and mitigate business risks associated with electronic asset recycling, Sims Recycling Solutions created WebView, a proprietary online system fueled by the world's most certified data erasure software from Blancco.

On a daily basis, businesses struggle to secure data on computers and other electronic assets, such as servers, flash drives and other data-rich equipment, that have served their initial purpose. WebView provides customers with real-time information about recovered IT assets throughout every stage of the asset recovery process. A critical element in the WebView system is Blancco data erasure software, which provides disk wiping, harvesting of software licenses and auditable reports of disk erasure status.

Through WebView, Blancco provides customers with proof and peace of mind that data and software licenses are properly secured by Sims Recycling Solutions' facilities or on-site services before asset reassignment.

WebView is a business-critical system for Sims Recycling Solutions that controls our facilities, logistics and the secure reuse of IT assets for our clients, says Jon Godfrey, Product Director for Sims' Lifecycle Services proposition. Blancco software is integral to WebView's functionality in that it tells us whether each asset is data safe and also captures a variety of information about those assets, without manual intervention and potential human error. With Blancco embedded into WebView, we can reduce business risk for our clients, and I can sleep at night knowing we have processed a couple of thousand PCs that have been 'blanccoed'-a term commonly used by our technicians to indicate an asset is fully erased and secure.

Sims is currently standardizing all data erasure on Blancco software. The two companies have agreed on long-term cooperation and continued joint effort on data safe IT assets for recycling and refurbishing.

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