CHORLEY, England, November 4 /PRNewswire/ -- As a business we have a strongly multi-cultural heritage and we wish to ensure that we never, even inadvertently, discriminate against any of our members of staff. For that reason, we have a policy that prevents all members of staff from wearing badges which portray a personal statement of their beliefs. We employ staff from many religious and political backgrounds, and our policy is in place to ensure that no offence is caused to other members of staff or our customers. Our understanding has always been that, for this policy to be valid, it has to apply to all badges or emblems, including poppies.

We have had a very helpful dialogue with our Member of Parliament, Lindsay Hoyle, who has assured us that the wearing of this symbol of remembrance is a unique case, and would not be seen as a relaxation of our policy. Having received that assurance, we are happy to change our policy and allow our members of staff to continue wearing their poppies.

As our policy has always been intended to ensure that we do not cause offence to anyone, we hope we have not done so and sincerely apologise if that has been its unintended effect.

SOURCE: Bodycare

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