MOBILE WORLD CONGRESS, BARCELONA and LULEÅ, Sweden, February 17 /PRNewswire/ -- Oricane presents two applications for mobile phones; a contact database, and a caller id application. The contact database is capable of storing over 200 million name and number entries in a mobile phone. The caller id application translates an incoming phone number into a name, enabling the user to always see who is calling. Oricane's applications make it possible to carry an entire national telephone directory in a mobile phone.

The applications are built on Oricane's BioDEXTM mobile, a patented solution for compressing, storing and searching information in mobile phones and other small devices.

When people here in Barcelona get a live demonstration of our applications, they are amazed that they get similar or even better search times in the mobile phone, compared to an equivalent application built around a leading database solution, running on a PC that is at least 10 times more powerful., says Fredrik Kallioniemi, Chief Marketing Officer at Oricane.

About Oricane

Oricane is a pioneer in green software technology that will make the future growth and evolution of tomorrow's Internet become more environmentally friendly. Internet today uses more than 5% of the total electric power production in the world and has a yearly growth of 50-60%.

Oricane's technology is based on patented energy saving algorithms making data storage and retrieval as well as decision processes like packet classification and packet forwarding in software, more efficient.

Oricane's flagship product, BioCAM(TM), is an innovative solution that solves well known addressing scalability issues in the Internet core. BioCAM(TM) can rationalize Internet infrastructure, bringing significantly lowered costs and reducing power consumption by up to 75-95%, depending on usage.

BioCAM(TM) is also available in a mobile edition, which is an energy saving IT-security software solution designed for tomorrow's mobile surfers demanding not only a firewall when surfing but also an environmentally engaged operator and increased battery life in their mobile devices.

Oricane's BioDEX(TM) addresses energy efficiency issues when information is stored and searched. BioDEX(TM) is a generic, self learning search engine for a variety of applications including: directory services, data centers, web indexing, and digital communities. Oricane's BioDEX(TM) mobile is customized for mobile phones.

For a live demonstration of Oricane's applications, please visit us in the Swedish Pavilion, situated in Hall 2, Stand 2F13 (ground floor). Josefine Åhl E-mail: Mobile: +46-70-294-92-95

Josefine Åhl, E-mail:, Mobile: +46-70-294-92-95 or Fredrik Kallioniemi, E-mail:, Mobile: +46-70-544-77-49