AMSTERDAM, April 22 /PRNewswire/ -- The Dutch market leader in online marketing software E-Village launches Clang today. This worlds' first event driven marketing 'Software as a Service' is a unique mix of CRM, Campaign Management, and Email Marketing, all put into one application. With Clang, organizations can now present the right offer at the right time to the right customer. Clang is currently available in the UK, The Netherlands, Spain and Canada.

The Internet era poses serious new challenges to modern marketers, and Clang is a perfect cost-effective answer to these, states Robert Rebergen, Managing Partner of E-Village. Consumers are exposed to an ever-increasing number of commercial messages every day. Today's challenge is to create a personalized offer, to the right customer and most importantly, at the right time in his life.

To keep the competitive edge and increase return on investments, it's more important than ever to learn about the customer's wants and needs, every step of the way, and to act and react accordingly at the right time, claim marketing gurus such as Alan Weber, E.J. van Bel and Ed Sander. Only then, it becomes easy to set the right tone for business and to come up with a standout, relevant offer, whether it concerns hundreds of thousands, or even millions of customers at the same time. Clang pushes the envelope as a new generation event driven marketing platform, developed from the ground up, to achieve just that.

Clang is designed to offer marketers a state of the art, flexible and reliable, yet cost-effective environment that allows them to monitor, review and optimize marketing efforts and spending, says Rob Weerts, Managing Partner and head of the Product Development Department at E-Village. Clang empowers its users to communicate on a more personalized and interactive level with their customers then ever before, creating longer lasting relationships that increase conversions and leverage profits.

About Clang

Clang is a unique mix of CRM, Campaign Management and Email Marketing all put into one application. It connects seamlessly to existing databases, and is remotely accessible through the web. Based on user-defined parameters, Clang continuously gathers behavioral, lifestyle and other relevant customer information through deep meta-tagging. Clang puts the marketer back in the driver's seat: it offers a comprehensive dashboard that sheds light on key indicators, invoking well informed strategic choices. In turn, its hassle-free interface and steep learning curve provide anyone with the freedom to design and roll out complete and intricate campaigns in minutes. Clang literally makes every online marketing campaign better than the last one. And by tailoring the dialogue to every single customer it will drastically improve Return On Marketing Investment, instantaneously. For more information:

Not for publication: E-Village is exhibiting at Internetworld, 28 - 30 april, earls court, London. Press contacts: Rogier van der Veen, Marketing Manager E-Village: +31(0)641038379,; E-Village b.v. Amersfoortseweg 10e, 3705 GJ Zeist, The Netherlands, Tel: +31-30-698-80-80, Fax: +31-30-698-80-81