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- CafePress Chooses Kenshoo, From an Original Group of 22 Vendors, to be the Sole Platform for CafePress Search Engine Marketing

In the first quarter of 2008, CafePress began an extensive search for a bid management and optimization platform. After previously using two of the Search Engine Marketing (SEM) industry's more popular bid management platforms, CafePress was bogged down with ineffective and confusing SEM campaigns. Their vendor search focused on the three main issues of bid optimization, user friendliness, and the ability to scale up to enterprise size campaigns. CafePress then narrowed the field down to three finalists and put them through a 6 week head to head test in which KENSHOO SEARCH(TM) proved to be the dominant platform.

"KENSHOO SEARCH(TM) has delivered as promised for CafePress. The platform allows our SEM team to rise above the weeds of daily bid management tactics and shift focus to high-level strategies such as improved quality, campaign expansion, and cross-engine optimization. The platform's UI is clean and useable, and integration with search engine APIs was seamless. The advanced tracking capabilities and automated keyword expansion tools are extremely valuable additions to our team's toolset. In addition, the Kenshoo team was extremely helpful during the trial and setup process, and continues to consistently deliver above and beyond our expectations with customized reports, bid policies, and tools. Overall, KENSHOO SEARCH(TM) has been instrumental in driving growth in CafePress SEM initiatives, both through improved performance and increased productivity," said Jeremy Post, Sr. Manager, Acquisition Marketing at CafePress.

KENSHOO SEARCH(TM) is a 3rd generation SEM platform built on the approach of Quality Management(TM). More than just a bid management tool, KENSHOO SEARCH(TM) makes SEM managers and agencies more efficient and effective. The KENSHOO SEARCH(TM) tracking system is highly accurate and de-duplicates cross channel conversions for ultimate campaign control. KENSHOO SEARCH(TM) is currently being deployed worldwide most noticeably by Ogilvy UK and iREP Japan.

About CafePress

CafePress is an online marketplace allowing sellers to create personalized merchandise, ranging from apparel, to home and office accessories. This unique user-generated commerce platform has connected over 6.5 million members, who have created over 150 million unique products.

About Kenshoo Ltd.

Kenshoo ( is a provider of end-to-end search marketing automated technology for advertisers and agencies worldwide. The company's flagship product KENSHOO SEARCH(TM) provides automated Quality Management(TM) for cross- channel search campaigns. Kenshoo's unique technology and approach enables advertisers and agencies worldwide to reach high volumes, optimize campaigns and to boost ROI. Kenshoo is backed by Sequoia Capital and Arts Alliance, and maintains offices in North America, Europe and Asia.

Contact: Alon Sheafer VP Products & Marketing Kenshoo Ltd Email: U.S. Phone: +1-415-287-4101 U.K. Phone: +44-20-7851-4832

Contact: Alon Sheafer, VP Products & Marketing, Kenshoo Ltd, Email:, U.S. Phone: +1-415-287-4101, U.K. Phone: +44-20-7851-4832