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At last a great smelling moisturiser to keep bugs at bay. Following on from the success of the incognito range of sprays, soaps and scrubs comes a 100% natural formula camouflage cream designed to disguise humans from all manner of stinging and biting insects.

incognito after sun moisturiser is a unique product as the camouflage works in an entirely different way to repellents although it has the same outcome: protecting you from biting and stinging insects. Unlike chemical repellents this camouflage cream is completely safe for you and the planet.

Levels of mosquitoes and other bugs in the UK and Europe are at an all time high, due to the shift in climate with warmer temperatures. incognito is the ONLY anti-insect formulation which covers all sorts of insects and ticks -which can carry Lyme disease and this can be fatal. There is currently a huge problem with ticks in Europe.

This remarkable cream is already selling well simply through word of mouth alone -the 2 test batches sold out within days- with unanimous positive feedback!

The incognito after sun moisturiser not only soothes and heals the skin after a day of sun worshipping, working outdoors or general exposure to damaging rays, but also crucially contains the same, deliciously fragrant organic Citronella found only on the island of Java; which provides increased protection against insect bites over ordinary citronella as insects have yet to build up any tolerance to it. Insects simply don't know you're there - like Harry Potter's magic cloak, incognito surrounds the wearer in an invisible shield, meaning hungry mosquitoes will merely pass you by and move on to your incognito-less neighbour for their supper.

Containing aloe vera for its moisturizing properties, Korean ginseng and calendula for healing and protection, as well as the incognito signature citronella, this luxurious all-over body cream can be used in the UK alone for protection, and as extra protection together with the spray in tropical and hotter climates abroad for unprecedented natural protection. Also gentle, it is suitable for use on all the family including babies and has a light, fresh fragrance well suited for both men and women.

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