GUANGZHOU, China, September 1, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- Canton Fair's Multinationals Sourcing Service (hereinafter referred to as MSS) offers an exclusive sourcing platform for big international buyers. For the last session of Canton Fair, there were 11 multinational sourcing enterprises that were invited to participate in the Fair for directional sourcing, e.g. Auchan (France), PPR Group (France), ARC International (France), Central Purchasing, Inc. (US), AITCO International (US), Lifetime Brands, Inc. (US), Onninen (Finland), Mitre 10 (New Zealand), AIDA (Denmark), Kohnan Shoji Co., Ltd. (Japan) and Trial Company Inc. (Japan). Through the development in the previous 14 sessions, MSS has been praised consistently by the sourcing enterprises by means of quality service, individualized sourcing concept and wonderful organization and operations.

Through various channels such as its official website, Canton Fair News, brochures and leaflets as well as other news media, Canton Fair concentrates on promoting enterprise image and procuring information of buyers, building a convenient purchasing platform for buyers, and providing buyers with services such as badge pre-registration, purchasing platform, publicity and conferences, etc.

By participating in MSS, buyers may not only entertain their clients in a comfortable negotiation environment, but also offer convenience for new suppliers to conduct face-to-face negotiations, thereby helping buyers expand information channels and improving on-site procuring efficiency. In addition, through Canton Fair and its MSS platform, buyers may also rapidly promote their company image and improve their reputation and influence in the industry.

With the gradual recovery from the global financial crisis, various buyers have significantly raised their procuring desire with increasing procuring amount, and some have even placed orders with their suppliers for cooperation on the site.

As well, according to the MSS survey report of the Fair, more than 60% of respondents indicated that they were affected by the global financial crisis. The interviewed sourcing enterprises indicated that multinationals sourcing was of great importance. They considered that Multinationals Sourcing Service helps to expand sourcing channels and find out cost-efficient commodities; over 50% of respondents said that number of buyers that they sent to the Fair was on the rise. All respondents indicated that they maintained follow-up communications with suppliers.

SOURCE: China Foreign Trade Centre

CONTACT: Mr. Xiaoying Wu of China Foreign Trade Centre (CFTC),+86-20-8913-8628