GUANGZHOU, China, July 23 --

An experienced entrepreneur will see business opportunities everywhere, be it a
way to provide a good just a little bit cheaper, or a way to give more people
access to something they didn’t previously have access to, what matters is
being in the right place at the right time; where business is being done and
opportunities are being made. The Canton Fair provides this exact convenience by
putting visitors at the center of the world’s manufacturing. From the Visa
application process to the actual event, Canton Fair takes its visitors right
there to where the action is.

Starting this year, the organizers have begun sending out personalized
invitations to the fair, and by utilizing strong contacts with overseas
embassies, local Visa agents will be expecting visitors arrival, thus
simplifying the entire process of visa application and saving time.

After registering online at, an invitation will
be sent to the applicant, who can then take advantage of the Canton Fair’s
trade leads and trade matching services, two more ways to enhance your
experience at Canton Fair. In the Trade Leads section, visitors can scan
messages and an extensive database of suppliers looking for just the right
match, or post demands on the bulletin board and wait for the suppliers to come
to them. This trade matching service keeps visitors in touch with the best
possible suppliers, providing opportunities even before the visitor sets foot in
Guangzhou, making the trip quick and easy.

At the fair, the Cup of Joy events offer free pastries and beverages while
visitors meet up with buyers and sellers from their preferred market segment,
boosting the chance of making the best deals.

At the 106th Canton Fair, business and networking opportunities are everywhere,
because with over 55,000 suppliers and over 170,000 buyers on the same grounds,
the best deals are right out there waiting, if you’re just there to meet

SOURCE: China Foreign Trade Centre

Mr. Xiaoying Wu, +86-20-8913-8628, of China Foreign Trade Centre