SAN DIEGO, September 29, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- The CDMA Certification Forum(R) (CCF), the certification authority for all CDMA2000(R) devices announces Declaration of Certification, a strategic enhancement to its certification process that allows vendors to self-declare compliance to CCF certification criteria.

The CCF certification process consolidates in one clear and concise process all the minimum performance, interoperability and conformance testing necessary to ensure that CDMA2000 devices are ready for commercialization in an affordable and timely manner.

CDMA manufacturers using the CCF certification process are now able to self-declare certification by completing the following criteria:

1. Utilize a testing facility that is ISO/IEC 17025 accredited, employs test platforms that are validated by the CCF, and can execute to the CCF test plan. 2. Make use of the CCF on-line Test Plan Database to automatically create a product specific suite of predefined test cases that will be executed during testing. 3. Pass all defined test cases in order to successfully complete the CCF Declaration of Certification.

Process guides are available on the CCF website which provides additional information, including how to secure device and market endorsements such as the CTIA Market Endorsement.

Prior to this update, only CCF Authorized Test Facilities (ATF) were allowed to complete the CCF certification testing and all test results had to be independently qualified by the CCF, says Bruce Jolly, General Manager of the CCF. This latest enhancement offers vendors greater flexibility in choosing a test lab, avoids the cost of 3rd party certification of results, and provides a common reference by which operators and vendors can determine market readiness of the device.

By using the CCF certification process, vendors are able to uncover possible issues with their devices prior to submitting them to operators, thus minimizing testing time in operators' labs and consequently reducing the time and cost of getting a device to market.

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About the CCF

The CCF is a partnership of CDMA vendors and operators worldwide that has established and maintains a single core global device certification process. The CCF process allows quick and affordable certification of devices so they meet prescribed international performance requirements. This process improves quality through consistent interoperability, signaling conformance, and performance testing. For more details, visit the CCF Web site at

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