MOSCOW, July 23 --

Cellestis is pleased to introduce BioChemMack (Moscow, Russia) as its newly
appointed commercial partner for distribution of the tuberculosis blood test,
QuantiFERON(R)-TB Gold In-Tube (QFT(TM)), in Russia.

Founded in 1989, BioChemMack JSC (BCM) was one of the first joint venture
companies in the former USSR and is now privately owned with more than 50
employees. Originally focused on enzyme immunoassay kits, BCM has expanded to
become one of the largest distributors of new diagnostic equipment in Russia.

With tuberculosis infection widespread and extensively drug resistant disease
prominent throughout Russia, there is an urgent need for improved tuberculosis
testing. For years the tuberculin skin test has been the only diagnostic for
latent tuberculosis available in this region. The skin test’s major
limitation is that it is highly confounded by the BCG vaccination, which is
mandatory in Russia at birth and again between 7 and 14 years of age. Falsely
positive skin test reactions induced by BCG vaccination prevent accurate
tuberculosis diagnosis in the Russian population. However, public health
programs and tuberculosis clinics in the region are now beginning to use QFT for
one-step tuberculosis diagnosis because it is not influenced by BCG vaccination
and is proven to be a more accurate and cost-effective means of detecting

For interested customers, please contact BCM at: BCM - BioChemMack 119991,
Russia, Moscow, Lenin’s Hills Telephone: +7-(495)-647-2740 Fax:
+7-(495)-939-0997 Contact: Alexander M. Batyukhnov Global
Marketing PhD.

About QuantiFERON(R)-TB Gold In-tube (QFT(TM)):

QFT(TM) is the first major advancement in TB diagnosis since the introduction
of the Mantoux or tuberculin skin test (TST) over 100 years ago. The QFT test is
based on measurement of a cell mediated immune response in TB-infected
individuals. The T cells of these individuals are sensitized to TB, and respond
to stimulation with peptides simulating those expressed by the TB causing
bacteria, secreting a cytokine called interferon-#61543;. QFT accurately
measures the interferon-#61543; response in a sensitive enzyme assay. Unlike the
TST, QFT is unaffected by previous BCG vaccination and most other mycobacteria.
QFT requires only one patient visit, is a controlled laboratory test, and
provides an objective, reproducible result that is not subject to interpretation
based on a patient’s relative risk factors for TB exposure. The test has
received regulatory and policy approvals in the USA, Japan, Europe, Canada and

About BioChemMack JSC:

Since 1989 BioChemMack has been a leading supplier of diagnostic equipment and
kits in Russia and represent more than 30 manufacturing companies in Europe and
the United States. Located within the grounds of Moscow State University,
BioChemMack provides comprehensive sales and service for equipment and test kits
as well as scientific support for customers.

About Cellestis:

Cellestis is a listed Australian biotechnology company commercializing
QuantiFERON(R) technology for diagnosing TB and other diseases worldwide. The
Company operates through subsidiaries in the USA, Europe and Australia.

For more information, visit or please contact one of our
local spokespersons at:

Cellestis Inc. USA Tel: +1-661-775-7480 (Contact
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