BLETCHLEY PARK, England, December 14 /PRNewswire/ -- Ceravision has appointed Fleming Family Partners as its corporate advisors to assist the company with its commercialisation strategy as it enters a new phase of growth and prepares to release its High Efficiency Plasma technology in the global marketplace.

Tim Reynolds, CEO of Ceravision, said: The experience and reputation of FFP is recognised on a global scale. Ceravision's Board of Directors recognises that as our high-efficiency plasma technology is launched worldwide, such a relationship will assist us in achieving our primary goal of reducing energy usage in the field of lighting.

Jake Irwin, Director of FFP, said: Ceravision's breakthrough developments in the area of electrodeless lamps, culminating in the launch of its new High Efficiency Plasma technology represent a technological innovation with global applications. We look forward to working with Ceravision at such an exciting stage of the company's development and are confident that this relationship will help accelerate the commercialisation and global acceptance of this unique technology.

About Ceravision:

Ceravision Ltd is the inventor and leading innovator in the field of High Efficiency Plasma lighting. Ceravision's revolutionary lamp system has been developed for use in a broad range of applications, using either solid state or magnetron-based power sources. The Ceravision system can be scaled from 100 watts to 5 kilowatts and outperforms incumbent technology in a number of fields, including warehouse, street and stadium lighting.

The Ceravision lamp is not just a single technology breakthrough, but a combination of technical innovations involving high efficiency power systems, unique burner configurations and unique dose combinations, backed by a wide-ranging intellectual property portfolio. Ceravision's systems have been designed to be cost-competitive in volume markets and not just limited to niche applications. See

About Fleming Family Partners:

Fleming Family Partners is an independent, privately-owned investment house managing funds and trusts for its clients and advising on direct investments. Through its wholly-owned subsidiary, FFP Advisory, Fleming Family Partners provides independent, long-term financial advice to a small number of high growth companies. See

SOURCE: Ceravision Ltd

CONTACT: For further information, please contact Susan Lee, Head ofBusiness Development, Ceravision Limited, Tel: +44(0)1908-276-691, or visit Jake Irwin,Director, FFP Advisory Limited, Tel: +44(0)20-7036-5666, or visit