HIGH WYCOMBE, England, October 26, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- APMG-International http://www.apmg-international.com a global examination institute and accreditation body, is this November launching a certification for CHAMPS2, the business change method (http://www.champs2.info/) for managing transformational change. ( http://www.champs2.info/index.php/CHAMPS2/what-is-transformational-chang...)

CHAMPS2 is designed to deliver business transformation ( http://www.champs2.info/index.php/TCs/champs2-business-transformation-me...) in a controlled and systematic fashion, whatever the size of organisation, and can be used alongside established project and programme management methods. In brief, it:

- Focuses on realising business benefits - Supports the end-to-end transformational journey - Is flexible - Incorporates practical tools and techniques

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CHAMPS2 was developed to meet the 'modernising government' agenda, which has a strong focus on citizen services, cultural change, and efficiency gains. In 2006, Birmingham City Council undertook the first steps of business transformation and so a joint venture was formed between the Council and Capita. Adopting a single approach to transformation across the partnership established a common language, reduced duplication of effort, provided best practice tools and templates, minimised risks and reduced costs.

Glynn Evans, Corporate Director of Business Change for Birmingham City Council, said, The need to change and improve the way our organisations operate has never been greater. Often incremental change is insufficient, making it essential to fundamentally rethink and redesign what an organisation does so it can succeed in a changing world. Major transformational change is a complex process, requiring clear direction, excellent planning, specialist resources and, above all, a determined commitment from the organisation.

The CHAMPS2 method helps define a clear vision and provides a method or pathway that will help realise measurable benefits for:

Customers - better services and products

Employees - greater job satisfaction

Efficiency - better use of resources, doing more for less money

Richard Pharro, Chief Executive, APMG said, Whenever undertaking major transformational change, irrespective of the initial cause of the change, the starting point has to be the clear vision of the difference that will be made to the organisation, and how the delivery of products and/or services will improve. The CHAMPS2 business change method is designed to do just this, systematically taking an organisation through eight defined stages of business transformation from identifying the strategic need for the change, right through to realising the benefits and achieving the strategic transformational change outcome.

A manual and online resource have been developed as reference tools for those working in business transformation teams. It is also a guide to CHAMPS2 for those studying for the Foundation and Practitioner examinations accredited by APMG. These can be found on the CHAMPS2 Knowledge Centre at the CHAMPS2 website.

Potential candidates interested in business transformation and transformational change are invited to register their early interest at servicedesk@apmg-international.com ahead of the business change method's launch in early November.

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