SAN FRANCISCO, February 9 /PRNewswire/ --

CfMC is rapidly approaching its 2009 release of an interface with Asterisk-based solutions for predictive dialing of participants in opinion research. This entry into telephony services continues CfMC's pioneering ways in the research world which began with developing the first software packages for CATI interviewing and data analysis.

Opinion research is dependent on the vitality and affordability of functional products such as CfMC's core Survent and webCATI data collection and predictive dialer modules. This development will give CfMC users a combined software solution for data collection with predictive dialer efficiencies.

This move fits well into CfMC's core sets of beliefs. As Founder and Senior Executive Joe Weisman states, With today's technology, the areas of hardware costs and software complexity for running a call center can both be significantly lowered. Weisman would know -- he's been at the forefront of data collection software and dialer integration since the early '70s.

CfMC's entry into the open source environment has a few early fans. Peter Husztik, the Director of IT for Gallup Hungary states, We have been using CfMC's webCATI for Europe-wide public data collection for more than two years with great success, enjoying all the neat features that CfMC has built into the product. The new direction of CfMC's development stream to integrate open source telephony with their interviewing environment will help our drive towards optimal productivity; we are certainly looking forward to playing our part! I trust CfMC will again hit the target!

Venture Data's IT Director Frank Barney states, CfMC's Survent product has been the workhorse of our organization for the past five years. The scalability and flexibility of the Survent interviewing system is what sold us. Support and continued development are the qualities that keep us with CfMC. We are pleased with their use of Linux as a survey system platform and the move to integrate the Asterisk Open Source PBX as a dialer platform. This move shows us their willingness to stay current with emerging technology and place the needs of their customers foremost in the product development.

The first release of CfMC's telephony solution will include preview, power and predictive modes of dialing, monitoring, and adjustable abandonment rates. In addition, interview recording will be available as will the playing of pre-recorded sound, often used in message testing.

Brian Fowler of CfMC, +1-415-777-0470