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- Over 2500 New Video Podcast Feeds in French, German, Italian, and Spanish

Today launched a series of enhancements that will provide dramatic improvements in the availability of Web video podcasts & video RSS feeds to non-English speaking Web users. The new Channels(TM) features include non-English language search and the addition of over 2500 new video podcast feeds in Spanish, Italian, German and French. is a free Web service that's like a DVR for Web video. Just as millions of consumers use a home DVR to subscribe to TV shows, they can use Channels to subscribe to Web videos. Following today's launch, international users will be able to stay up-to-date with the new videos that are released each day in numerous languages by thousands of Web sites. features a fast and simple interface for users to find, subscribe to, and watch Web video feeds. Video feeds, also known as "video podcasts", have recently become a popular way for Web sites to deliver their videos to viewers, rather than requiring viewers to remember to visit each Web site. Video feeds use the RSS standards supported by all major Web browsers.

When users search for video feeds, they can now specify their preferred language for the items listed in search results. The Channels video feed index contains thousands of feeds in subject areas including international news, sports, music, TV shows, webisodes and movies. is a free Web service and user registration takes only a few seconds.

"The availability of video content in a wider variety of languages will be a big plus for's global user community," said Sean Doherty,'s CEO. "In addition, international video publishers will gain incredible viewer loyalty -- a benefit of the subscription model."

For international Web video publishers, Channels helps attract and retain loyal viewers. Each user's subscription is the Web-equivalent of a "season pass" on a home DVR, making it simple for viewers to watch every Web video episode as it's released.

About is a free web service designed to help consumers subscribe to video podcasts and video RSS feeds offered by thousands of the most popular Web video sites. is based in Palo Alto, California, USA and is privately funded. To learn more or to register with, visit

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