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As the Paralympic Games draw to a close, the official Language Training and Testing Supplier of the Beijing Olympics, aifly Education Technology Company, continues to work with volunteer organizations in China and internationally to give China's Olympic volunteers opportunities to take their passion and message of friendship and hope to people all over the world.

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While international guests and athletes journey back to their homes abroad, the 15 million volunteers who trained for and served them over the last two months are looking forward to bringing the spirit of volunteerism to the entire nation and beyond.

In order to increase awareness of the international opportunities available to volunteers and to showcase the improvement in English communication skills of Beijingers during the Olympic Games, aifly is presenting the "Volunteer Stars Online Contest" this Fall. Volunteers will be able to compete online through the aiflyworld online platform and advance to live and television finals. Winners will become aifly global ambassadors and have the chance to tour Vancouver, Los Angeles, London and Athens as part of aifly's Chinese volunteer culture exchange programs.

"I think China is well positioned to become a leading participant in global volunteerism considering it's population size, rapid economic development and spirit of friendship and respect in international relations and I am excited to have the opportunity to be a part of that," said Huang Jianhua, an Olympic Volunteer.

"Delivering opportunities for people who are passionate about helping others to apply their special skills and grow personally in the process is one of the major goals for our post-Olympic volunteer service program. As a foreigner living in Beijing I am excited that people in my country will soon have the chance to meet many of the volunteers that we have trained and become friends with in the process. I am sure that they will win over as many hearts overseas, as they did in Beijing during the Olympics," commented Nathaniel Jones, CEO of aifly.

While the spirit of volunteerism has been spread through the Beijing Olympics, educational, corporate and social recognition and appreciation for volunteer services need to take root in order to maintain the momentum. Aifly is working with Chinese government departments, international organizations, and corporate partners to gain their active support for volunteers when they apply for jobs, seek to study abroad, or participate in academic programs in China.

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