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Aigo, a leading Chinese digital consumer electronics company, cordially invites overseas media to visit the Company's Beijing office during the upcoming Olympics.

A home-grown Chinese brand, Aigo has expanded vigorously over the past few years by sticking to innovation in technology, design and application and ensuring an overall friendly environment for corporate innovation and long term development. This can be demonstrated by the success of products such as Aigopen, the world's the first MID, the world's first dual-core digital camera and digital watermarking technology, among others. In 2003, within less than one year of market entry, Aigo MP3s replaced Korean brands as No. 1 in the Chinese market, while Aigo MP4s also became No. 1 in Chinese market share within one year of their launch.

Being an entrepreneur with a global perspective, Mr. Feng Jun, president of Aigo, has always advocated the mission to establish Aigo as an international brand that proudly originated in China. Having strengthened its presence in the Singaporean and Southeast Asian markets in just three years, Aigo has entered the European market. The sponsorship of the F1 McLaren team and the appearance of the Aigo logo on a McLaren F1 racing car helped enormously in promoting Aigo's internationalization process.

Aigo's Involvement in the Olympics

On November 22nd, 2007, Mr. Feng Jun officially signed an agreement with the Olympic Museum in Lausanne, Switzerland, thus inaugurating the Company as the first Chinese high-tech brand to ever enter the Olympic Museum.

In 2007, Aigo's subsidiary, Aifly, became the 2008 Beijing Language Training Service supplier and the 2008 Beijing International Media Center cooperation partner in order to bridge and overcome possible language and culture barriers during the Olympics.

About Aigo

Established in 1993 in Beijing's Zhongguancun, Aigo is a home-grown Chinese brand established by Huaqi Information Digital Technology Co Ltd. in the field of digital consumer electronics, and has been enjoying a fast and continuous growth ever since. Aigo has grown into the No. 1 digital brand in China.

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