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- NParchive Embraces XAM to Offer Flexible Solution for Preserving and Searching Historical Data on any Storage Platform

Clearpace, the data archive store specialist, is launching an eXtensible Access Method (XAM) compliant version of its data compression and storage product - NParchive. By adopting XAM, NParchive enables partners who resell or embed the Clearpace technology to deliver solutions that instantly archive structured data to XAM-based storage platforms. NParchive v3.0 will be available to partners and end-user organisations from 8th April 2009.

XAM compliance makes NParchive a much more flexible data archive by virtualising the underlying storage layer, says John Bantleman, CEO of Clearpace. It provides software vendors with a ready-made way to provide their customers with highly compressed archive stores for structured data on XAM compliant storage platforms. This enables our partners to significantly reduce the cost of managing historical data for their customers while providing a standard approach for preserving and searching information across storage platforms.

NParchive provides data storage and management technology for the long-term retention of inactive structured data. Data is compressed by 40:1, while maintaining powerful SQL query capabilities and integrating with a range of immutable storage to satisfy compliance requirements.

The ability to archive massive volumes of structured data while maintaining full online access is critical to organisations in a variety of industries across the globe. Telecoms operators, for example, need to capture and retain billions of call data records under the EU Data Retention Directive amounting to 10s of terabytes (TBs) of data that must be stored and managed in a compliant fashion. Reducing the data storage footprint of this data by at least 40x while minimising ongoing maintenance is hugely important in terms of total cost of ownership.

We've gone a step further in our XAM adoption by architecting the latest version of NParchive to operate with all types of storage systems via XAM, regardless of whether they are XAM conformant, adds John Bantleman. By providing Vendor Interface Modules (VIMs) for non-conformant XAM storage systems, we've truly embraced the XAM initiative and standards. This enables our partners to quickly and easily deliver data retention solutions to their customers across a variety of storage platforms, including NAS, SAN, CAS and cloud storage, using a single interface.

SNIA's open standards for storage and data management benefit both vendors and end-user organizations for interoperability and investment protection. The XAM standard is ideally suited for applications dealing with industry data regulations and compliance, cloud computing and large scale data preservation projects, said Wayne M. Adams, Chair of the SNIA. We are in the midst of the industry movement for companies such as Clearpace to implement the XAM interface to deliver long-term information retention solutions while ensuring data security, data immutability, and storage platform transparency.

About Clearpace

Clearpace Software Ltd is a software company that provides data archive store solutions for the long-term retention of structured data within the enterprise. Clearpace has become a pioneer in the database archiving market by providing archive stores that are the optimal destination for inactive data that has been removed from production systems. The Clearpace NParchive software enables organisations with large and growing data estates to massively reduce the cost and complexity of storing historical information while making archived data easily accessible for regulatory, legal and business purposes. Using NParchive, companies are able to store as much as 60x more historical information on commodity hardware. Clearpace serves a variety of industries, including Financial Services, Telecommunications, Energy, Utilities, Pharmaceuticals, Retail and the Public Sector.

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LONDON, April 8 /PRNewswire/ --

Contacts details: Richard Botley, Chameleon PR: +44(0)207-680-5500

Contacts details: Richard Botley, Chameleon PR: +44(0)207-680-5500