ZURICH, Switzerland, October 13 /PRNewswire/ -- Solianis' multisensor system for non-invasive Continuous Glucose Monitoring is currently being tested by diabetic patients in the home and work environment. 12 patients have completed a 10-day trial aimed at assessing system reliability. Results indicate that the system tracks glucose in home-use settings and is sensitive to hypoglycemic glucose excursions.

With this proof of concept Solianis can now proceed to producing the final prototype. The company expects to launch its first product in Europe in 2010 after CE approval, targeting this non-invasive device at the insulin dependent diabetes population. Later model variants will address patients with diabetes and impaired glucose tolerance.

Solianis is also announcing that Barry W. Wilson, former Medtronic President International, will join Solianis Business Advisory Board. He has 40 years experience in the life science business and will be a valuable addition to the Solianis team. With the promising trial results and the valuable support of Barry Wilson, we are confident that we can introduce our first generation non-invasive Continuous Glucose Monitor in 2010, said Mario Stark, the CEO of Solianis.

Solianis Monitoring AG is a medical devices company developing a non-invasive Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM) for self-monitoring patients with diabetes. Its technology is based on a unique and proprietary multisensor technology for monitoring physiological parameters. It was incorporated in May 2005, and is funded by private investors and the pioneer fund of the Cantonal Bank of Zürich. The Solianis non-invasive device delivers comparable results to the currently FDA-approved minimally invasive devices.

Contact: Mario Stark, CEO Tel.: +41-44-306-80-40 Mobile: +41-79-542-88-74 E-Mail: mario-stark@solianis.com

Contact: Mario Stark, CEO, Tel.: +41-44-306-80-40, Mobile: +41-79-542-88-74, E-Mail: mario-stark@solianis.com