ZURICH, June 9 /PRNewswire/ -- Solianis is conducting a study in which patients with diabetes are testing a preliminary functional model of the future device for non-invasive glucose monitoring. First results confirm the expected applicability of the multi-sensor platform in everyday life.

Solianis' unique multi-sensor platform offers an easy and reliable monitoring of changes in glucose levels under everyday life conditions. By developing the necessary hard- and software, Solianis was able to produce a preliminary functional model that can be fixed comfortably on the upper arm with an elastic band.

So far, Solianis has tested this functional model on ten patients who applied it on 110 days in total. These patients put it on in the morning and, as a reference, performed approx. 10 standard blood glucose measurements per day.

First results confirm that the multi-sensor platform tracks glucose changes in everyday life. "This is a pivotal step towards a future product and we are happy to see the successful performance as well as the challenges of our technology" says Mario Stark, CEO of Solianis.

More results are expected by the end of September 2008 and then Solianis will freeze the functional design model to start developing the final prototype. Solianis expects to launch its first product in Europe in 2010 targeted at the insulin dependent diabetes population. Later product generations will address all potential patients with diabetes.

Solianis Monitoring AG is a medical devices company developing a non-invasive Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM) for self-monitoring patients with diabetes. Its technology is based on a unique and proprietary multi-sensor technology for monitoring relevant physiological parameters. It was incorporated on May 12, 2005, and is funded by private investors and the pioneer fund of the Cantonal Bank of Zürich.

Contact: Mario Stark, CEO Tel.: +41-44-306-80-40 Mobile: +41-79-542-88-74 E-Mail: mario.stark@solianis.com Solianis Monitoring AG Leutschenbachstrasse 46 CH-8050 Zürich

Contact: Mario Stark, Tel.: +41-44-306-80-40, Mobile: +41-79-542-88-74, E-Mail: mario.stark@solianis.com, Solianis Monitoring AG Leutschenbachstrasse 46 CH-8050 Zürich