ETHERNET EXPO EUROPE - LONDON, May 14 /PRNewswire/ -- Creanord Ltd., a premier solutions enabler assisting Carriers and service providers in Ensuring Quality of Experience(TM) and strengthening customer loyalty announced today the availability of Creanord EchoVault Total.

For a long time the Creanord EchoVault strength has been the high precision of network quality and bandwidth utilization information. But while the trend thrives for managing more with fewer professionals the tools needs to evolve to assist both the operations and the business personnel. The automatic exceptions reporting, rich event notifications and advanced analytics are prime examples of the new requirements. The EchoVault Total fulfills the new requirements and further harnesses the power of the EchoVault system with new Analytics (A), Events (E), Dashboards (D) and Statistics (S) Engines, commonly known as an AEDS suite.

Analytics Engine

Analytics Engine continuously analyses measurement Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and further process the data for event notification and Monthly reporting purposes. The arithmetical calculations like minimum, maximum and percentiles are performed for time periods such as five minutes, one hour, one day and one month.

Furthermore the Analytics Engine introduces a new Key Quality Indicator (KQI) called Service Availability. It is a percent of time when the service measured by Creanord EchoVault has met the predefined quality objectives.

Many of our customers have asked KQI that is similar but more flexible than Mean Opinion Score (MOS) for voice quality. Availability percent is known by all customers thus Service Availability percent makes sense. I am thrilled about the feedback that we have received throughout the introduction of our Service Availability algorithm that works for any service and for any circuit, explains Antti Pappila, CTO of Creanord.

Rich Event Engine

Service Providers Network Operation Center (NOC) is already overwhelmed With alarms that are triggered with light grounds. On the other hand too high thresholds lead to the situation where NOC is unaware of decreased performance. Quite a paradox.

The EchoVault Rich Event Engine solves the problem by monitoring network performance against measured baseline and triggers event notifications when the quality differs too much from the baseline. The Rich Event Engine also implements filtering mechanism where alerts are sent only when the set tolerance levels are exceeded.

Dashboards Engine

Dashboards Engine enables the EchoVault user to publish for example customer specific Analytics and Service Availability information either in the EchoVault user interface or in the Service Providers own customer reporting portal of choice. The latter option is simply realized by URL linking (e.g. HTML iframe) between the Portal and EchoVault Dashboard Engine interface. Typical overview presentation illustrates daily or monthly KPIs per circuit with an expand option presenting either time or Analytics operator based details.

Leading service providers are looking to meet new reporting requirements of large financial and government customers. With EchoVault Dashboards we are able to provide fully integrated solution, providing real time view to the service delivered. I am especially happy for the fact that we provide both the executive level view of the received quality as well as a tool for network professionals to pinpoint the circuits requiring immediate attention -- all this is realized with EchoVault Dashboards, says Samu Backman, Marketing Manager Creanord.

Statistics Engine

The Statistics Engine is a lightweight EchoVault routine that analyzes performance and network utilization metrics. Instead of continuously saving the calculated results to the database the Statistics Engine only stores the data needed for daily, weekly, monthly and yearly statistics reports. For example while processing the network utilization KPIs the Statistics Engine can highlight single traffic peaks of ten second or one minute period with the date and time details. Furthermore it's able to produce a count of 10 second periods where the bandwidth usage is more than 60%. To present the statistics Creanord EchoVault provide wide choice of options; from SQL and XML integration to complete Dashboard and Portal visualization.

About Creanord

Creanord assists carriers and service providers to streamline networks and business operations by providing a comprehensive solution for Ensuring Quality of Experience(TM) and for strengthening customer loyalty.

Creanord's Managed Ethernet Access solution comprises innovative Ethernet Access hardware and carrier-grade EchoVault(TM) Service and SLA delivery software. With the Creanord solution, service providers are empowered to roll out and manage high-performance Ethernet Access that surpasses the customer expectations.

The company has expanding partner network responding to rapidly growing Ethernet Access needs in the Europe and North America.

Further information: Creanord Samu Backman Marketing Manager Tel. +358-10-309-3406 Email:

Further information: Creanord, Samu Backman, Marketing Manager, Tel. +358-10-309-3406, Email: