ALTRINCHAM, England, November 17, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- Maxa Technologies Limited (Maxatec) announces new partnership with Crystal Service in Russia. Maxatec, Master Distributor for CognitiveTPG products in EMEA, worked closely with Crystal Service to enable the development of a fiscal device for the CognitiveTPG A798 and A799 single station printers.

Crystal Service, established over 15 years ago and with offices in Moscow and Saint Petersburg, primarily develops software as well as supplying hardware, services and supplies to the retail and fuel vending markets.

Crystal evaluated a number of single station thermal printers for use as a fiscal device with a modular POS system ( The selection of the CognitiveTPG printer Model A798 was based on performance, ergonomics, specification and reliability as well as the ease of developing and integrating a fiscal module for use with the printer - an essential requirement in the Russian market due to fiscal legislation and directives. Crystal Service has now developed a fiscal printer, the Pirit FR01K, to be utilised with a modular POS system for the huge Russian retail market. The product is suitable not only for national retailers, but also for small regional clients. Demand for modular systems in comparison with other types of front office POS technology has grown strongly in recent times. There are a number of reasons for this development, the first being that modular systems are significantly lower cost than integrated POS systems, making a modular set-up very attractive to small retail outlets. The second reason is that when using a modular system the customer can select any PC and is not tied to a particular model or brand. Furthermore, demand is constantly increasing due to technology developments at the point-of-sale within the Russian retail market. The introduction of modular point-of-sale systems utilising a fiscal printer enable the retailer to implement a POS system economically and at the same time optimise the front office desk space for cash handling.

Andrea Percival, Director at Maxa Technologies said: "The partnership with Crystal Service has been developed over a period of two years, and we worked closely with both CogntiveTPG and Crystal Service during the approval process for the fiscal development. There is a tremendous opportunity in Russia, and Crystal are an ideal partner for us as they not only provide high quality products and service, but they are also very forward thinking - the company is constantly looking at latest technologies and ways to develop new solutions for their markets. We are extremely pleased that the relationship is in place and we look forward to working closely with Crystal going forward."

Sergey Ledenev, CEO of Crystal Service Company said: "We needed to have a printer which would have reliable and smooth operation for 7 years as the basis on which we developed the Pirit FR01K. Thanks to our previous experience with CognitiveTPG printers, and a fruitful relationship with Maxatec, Crystal Service selected the TPG printer Model A798, which met all our requirements.

Together with our extensive experience and the reliability of the A798 printer, we were able to create the best device currently in its class. The Russian market is very large and we expect to provide significant growth by the end of 2011. We are grateful to the Maxatec Company for their assistance and look forward to many years of joint co-operation."

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About Crystal Service:

Crystal Service Company LLC is the largest IT integrator in the retail sector. The Crystal Service Company has over 15 years experience in software product development, hardware supply, service and customer support. Among the Crystal Service clients are well-established national retailers such as X5 Retail Group N.V., O'Key, Lenta, Dixy, SPAR, Vester, Neste, Faeton.

The Company has developed SET Software Family for trade management, which includes SET Retail (Retail front-store management system), SET Centrum (Retail network management system), SET Prisma Predict (Event and video surveillance and analytics system), SET Oil (Petrol station management system). Product range of hardware includes POS Systems, Printers, Scales, Bar Code Readers, Mobile Computers, Kiosk Terminals. The Company is the exclusive partner of well-known hardware suppliers: Wincor Nixdorf, Datamax-O'neil, Bizerba, Datalogic, Motorola. The Crystal Service Company tends to work with hardware vendors directly. It lets the Company stick to the optimal level of prices. The Joint Engineering Service of Crystal Service owns a wide network of support centers providing high-quality maintenance for all its hardware and software. Reliable software, effective and ergonomic retail equipment and 24-hour service successfully prevent Crystal Service customers from failures and losses.

About Maxatec

Maxatec is an ISO 9001:2008 certified, Value Added Supplier of Specialist IT Hardware and Services to the Auto ID, POS and Mobile markets. As well as offering own brand products, Maxatec's product portfolio includes CognitiveTPG point of sale and bar code label printers, NCR POS terminals, Extech portable receipt printers ( , TSC industrial label printers, Zebex bar code scanners, MMF cash drawers, Firich (FEC) Touch screens, Bluebird 'Pidion' and SAMMI mobile computing devices. Maxatec also offers software and services including NiceLabel label design package, and a wide range of consumables (paper, labels, ribbons), spare parts and in-house and on-site service capabilities. The Maxatec brand is synonymous with high standards of service as well as high performance, high quality products.

About CognitiveTPG:

CognitiveTPG is an integrated supplier of barcode printers, transaction printers, printheads, and label supplies. For over 35 years, we have provided innovative printing technologies to the thermal and impact printer market serving customers across a broad range of industries including Retail, Banking, Self Service/Kiosk, Automotive, Hospitality, Manufacturing/Logistics , and Healthcare. CognitiveTPG differentiates itself through its delivery and dedication to producing quality, reliable, cost competitive, and compatible printing solutions.

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