DAYTON, Ohio, November 10 /PRNewswire/ -- CSafe, LLC,, provider of technology solutions for the temperature sensitive airfreight market, today announced that they are taking immediate steps to incorporate the IATA regulated Time and Temperature Sensitive Label for healthcare products on its AcuTemp(R) RKN air cargo container. The new Time and Temperature Sensitive label is part of IATA's 10th Edition Perishable Cargo Regulations Manual which officially takes effect on July 1, 2010.

The design of the label is specified in Section 17.10.5 of the IATA Perishable Cargo Regulations. The label consists of internationally recognizable symbols - a red triangle with a thermometer and stopwatch - to alert the shipper that the contents require special handling with respect to time and temperature. The label also includes a double arrow with the text Time Temperature Sensitive. All elements are surrounded by a square of blue hatches to draw attention to the label and provide valuable information to freight handlers about the handling and importance of the container.

As the volume of temperature-sensitive shipments continues to grow in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology sectors, we feel that early adoption of the new IATA specified label is a positive step in clearly identifying the contents for priority handling, states Oliver Bootz, Vice President of Business Development for CSafe. Being the first container manufacturer to incorporate the new temperature sensitive IATA label on its containers reinforces our commitment to the cold chain from both performance and handling perspectives.

The AcuTemp RKN from CSafe is designed to reduce the detrimental effects of damaged and compromised goods which often result from inadequate temperature management in conventional shipping modes. Since it began service in 2008, the AcuTemp RKN has consistently demonstrated its ability to maintain a customer-desired payload set-point resulting in no recorded product loss. The container's heating and compressor driven cooling capabilities eliminate the cost and environmental challenges associated with the use of dry ice, refrigerated trucking and internal packaging.

CSafe will begin applying the new IATA specified Time and Temperature Sensitive label to new units coming out of production and those already in global circulation.

About CSafe, LLC

CSafe, LLC provides technology solutions for the temperature-sensitive air freight market. Its flagship product, the AcuTemp RKN, is the first and only active unit of its kind with both FAA and EASA approvals. CSafe products are marketed through several logistics partners and are designed to address the stringent requirements of the temperature sensitive air cargo market. Headquartered near Dayton, Ohio, CSafe, LLC is a joint venture between AmSafe Inc. and AcuTemp Thermal Systems, with locations in Washington state and Ohio and service center partners worldwide. For more information, visit


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