EAST GRINSTEAD, England, July 3 /PRNewswire/ -- Diskeeper Corporation has released its new white paper on how Diskeeper(R) 2008 can help companies reduce power consumption.

The study was performed by 3D Professor (http://www.3dprofessor.org) and was focused on determining the energy savings that Diskeeper can afford users when installed on a machine.

Disk fragmentation can directly affect the energy consumption over data access time: files in a fragmented state take longer to be read as the head of the disk needs to collect all the fragments of the file in order to open it. All this extra work means also a higher power usage over a longer period of time.

The main purpose of the paper was to show that defragmenting not only improves system performance, but it can also reduce a company's carbon footprint and consequently power costs.

The results of the test showed that energy consumption was reduced by 12% and also that time to perform the tests was reduced by 18% when Diskeeper was installed. An approximate annual savings of US$ 5,465.33 has been calculated over this power reduction to a medium sized company with 250 workstations.

Diskeeper 2008 with its innovative InvisiTasking(TM) Technology maintains System's performance at its peak while operating in the background on idle resources. Defragmentation thus runs automatically while employees perform their daily tasks.

In the long run, maintaining a disk constantly defragmented can therefore have a high impact on a company's power efficiency as well as cost savings.

Diskeeper 2008 can help companies meet their sustainability objectives.

To obtain an exclusive copy of the latest white papers as well as a free trial version of Diskeeper 2008, visit http://www.diskeepereurope.com.

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Contact: Celine Bouquillon, Director of Public Relations, c.bouquillon@diskeeper.co.uk, +44(0)1342-327477

Contact: Celine Bouquillon, Director of Public Relations, c.bouquillon@diskeeper.co.uk , +44(0)1342-327477