EAST GRINSTEAD, England, June 26 /PRNewswire/ -- Diskeeper Corporation has issued a new white paper detailing how disk defragmentation continues to be a major issue even with new storage technologies.

Due to the significant complexity and breadth of software and hardware used in modern storage environments, there can be confusion regarding the continuing need for defragmentation.

The white paper outlines that although new disk subsystem technologies do contribute to a better performing system, they do not solve issues generated at the file system level such as file fragmentation. Even with new storage technologies such as SAN, RAID, SATA, NAS...etc the disk still remains the weakest link.

Commenting on the subject on a recent radio show, Joni Clark, Product Manager at Seagate stated:

"I think defrag is an excellent tool for keeping your performance and the health of your drive up to par. So the larger these drives get the more data people are storing on them, and the more you store on them, you edit and save and pull it back up another day. It sort of gets spread out across the hard drive... so when you defrag you are pulling all of these files closer together ...he doesn't have to search over this 750G drive to find pieces of a file, they're all aligned."

The white paper also provides some outstanding insight on how the new solutions can work together with defragmentation for optimal disk subsystem performance and reliability and maximum I/O throughput.

To gauge the impact of fragmentation on your system you can use performance monitoring tools such as PerfMon, Iometer, or hIOmon.

Any fragmentation issues highlighted can be swiftly resolved by installing the multi-award winning software Diskeeper(R) 2008 on your system.

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Céline Bouquillon, Director of Public Relations, c.bouquillon@diskeeper.co.uk, +44(0)1342-327477