TOKYO, January 16 /PRNewswire/ --

DM Holdings Inc. today announced the appointments of Eric C. Evans as Chairman of the Board and Victor J. Pacor as Chief Executive Officer of the company. Both appointments are effective immediately.

The Board has made an excellent move in electing Vic Pacor to be the new CEO, said Evans who continues with the Company as an executive Chairman. Vic is a talented executive who knows DM's competitive strengths intimately. His deep understanding of the industry gives him an unmatched perspective on the road ahead. The Company has benefited and will continue to benefit from his judgment and experience.

Pacor, age 51, joined DM Holdings in 2004 as President and Chief Operating Officer, after 13 years in senior executive positions at Sony Electronics. He was Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer of Sony's North American subsidiary for consumer, broadcast and professional electronics products. Prior to joining Sony, Pacor was Senior Vice President of Audio Divisions of JVC Company of America.

DM's senior management team is committed to helping the company navigate through these difficult market conditions, Pacor said. Eric's continued guidance as Chairman is an invaluable resource for us and for me. DM has world-leading brands that delight our customers and win accolades from the press. We will continue to bring exciting products to market in a more efficient manner so we will be well positioned to capitalize on a market rebound.

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