BRUSSELS, June 9 /PRNewswire/ --

- Hands Up for Education!

- Education International is Working Hard to Persuade Governments Around the World of the Need to Invest in Education as a Positive Response to the Global Economic Crisis

To that end, EI has launched a new campaign and web site called Hands up for education: The smart strategy for economic recovery. It aims to assist EI's 400 member organisations in their efforts to ensure that funding for public education is enhanced, not cut, as governments struggle to cope with the impact of the crisis.

The web site will be a vital tool for linking EI's global advocacy with national and local action to encourage reinvestment in strong and stable public education systems to meet the needs of the knowledge society, said Fred van Leeuwen, General Secretary of Education, the global union federation representing 30 million teachers and education workers in 170 countries.

The web site will feature breaking news about the economic crisis and decisions affecting funding for education, as well as analysis and commentary on a new blog called Funding Education: Crisis Watch by veteran teacher trade unionist Bob Harris. It will also offer campaign materials for educators, and snapshots of the developments in different countries through interactive Google maps.

In some countries there have already been drastic cuts to education budgets, staffing and wages, while in other countries the worst is yet to come, van Leeuwen said. In all countries, there is a powerful case to be made for the role of investment in education in developing more sustainable, fairer economies in the future.

He noted that all levels of education - from preschool through primary and secondary to vocational training and higher education - are important. Investment in each of these sectors, and in qualified educators and support staff, will create greater benefits for any society than sinking billions more into the financial sector.

Now, more than ever, it's crucial for teacher trade unions to mobilize, to demonstrate convincingly to the public and to governments that serious investment in education is in the best interests of present and future generations, van Leeuwen said.

Please visit and raise your voice for investment in education as the smart strategy for economic recovery!

For more information, please contact Nancy Knickerbocker, EI Senior Coordinator, Communications. Mobile: +32-476-850-701 or

For more information, please contact Nancy Knickerbocker, EI Senior Coordinator, Communications. Mobile: +32-476-850-701 or