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- Companies Utilize Proof of Concept as Trial SaaS Platform for ISVs

Endeavors Technologies, the pioneer in application streaming and virtualization technology, and its parent company, Tadpole Technology plc, today announced a strategic partnership with NTT Europe Online. The companies are building a proof-of-concept (POC) based on Application Jukebox that will be used to help ISVs transition their applications to a Software as a Service (SaaS) model. The POC offers ISVs a 30 day trial, allowing them to experience the benefits of a hosted, SaaS model, without having to re-architect their existing windows-based application.

Damian Skendrovic, Regional Director at NTT Europe Online, said: "We have seen a real growth in demand for SaaS products from end-users; however, the upfront investment required to develop a multi-tenanted application has always acted as a barrier to entry for ISVs. This trial service allows ISVs to evaluate initial market response without re-architecting the application: minimizing business risk, reducing costs and helping the ISV build a viable business proposition for SaaS. Once proven, the technology and infrastructure underpinning the POC easily scales to support the ISV as customer usage grows."

"We are excited to enter into this strategic partnership with NTT Europe Online," said Peter Bondar, CEO of Endeavors Technologies. "NTT Europe Online has extensive experience supporting and hosting SaaS applications and, alongside its position as a Microsoft SaaS Incubation Partner, was the obvious hosting partner of choice. We believe that a SaaS offering based on Application Jukebox will only strengthen this position."

Gartner has predicted that the global market for SaaS will more than triple over the next three years, growing from US$6.3 billion in 2006 and is on track to reach US$19.3 billion by the end of 2011.

About Application Jukebox

The Application Jukebox family of products contain three key components. Application Jukebox Player sits on the client to create the virtual application environment and provides user authentication and application license enforcement. Application Jukebox Server controls and delivers applications, provides usage monitoring and logging, plus group, user and application level administration. Application Jukebox Studio allows ISVs and IT administrators to create a streamable, virtualized "appset" from standard, Windows-based applications that is then published to the server.

Three versions of Application Jukebox are available today. Application Jukebox SaaS Edition features usage metering and a kiosk mode to support a pay-as-you-go model for application rental, plus portals that provide an easy-to-use environment for service providers and ISVs to create a custom application landing site. Application Jukebox Enterprise Edition supports Active Directory and offers user and group monitoring, as well as extensive tracking and support for cost-effective license management. Application Jukebox Lite Edition is a fully functional trial version of the product that can is available as a free download at

About Endeavors Technologies

Endeavors Technologies creates, develops and markets innovative application virtualization and streaming technologies that allow servers to stream pc-based applications to client computers where they are subsequently executed. These "next stage" technologies replace thin client computing paradigms. Application virtualization and streaming enables organizations to reduce the total cost of ownership while improving service levels, simplifying the management of computers and improving security and reliability. This innovative application distribution methodology provides companies with new revenue opportunities while reducing IT costs and increasing user productivity. Endeavors Technologies is a pioneer and thought leader with eight patents granted and 25 pending, including the first patents granted for streaming applications. Endeavors Technologies provides its solutions through licensing, royalty and technology transfer models. Visit for more details.

About Tadpole Technology plc

Tadpole Technology plc (LSE: TAD) is a company in transition. The company was formed in 1983 as a developer and manufacturer of high performance portable workstations. In 2003, Tadpole transitioned to a software group focused on two sectors: geospatial solutions and system level software technologies. In mid 2007, Tadpole made a strategic decision to focus exclusively on the application streaming and virtualization marketplace and in November 2007 announced the sale of its geospatial interests. The company established Endeavors Technologies Ltd. as its European trading arm, complementing the existing Endeavors Technologies Inc. in the US. Subject to shareholder approval, Tadpole Technology plc intends to rebrand itself under the Endeavors' name to reflect its focus on a single brand and product set. For information on Tadpole Technology plc, visit

About NTT Europe Online

NTT Europe Online provides managed hosting, security and application management services to businesses globally. These services provide the reliability, availability, security and scalability needed to underpin business success online.

NTT Europe Online is certified to ISO27001 for Information Security Management and, as part of NTT Communications, has the global reach and scale to support businesses of all sizes. NTT Communications is the global data and IP services arm of the Fortune Global 500 telecom leader, Nippon Telegraph & Telephone Corporation (NTT). For further information visit

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