NORWICH, England, September 23 /PRNewswire/ -- As news emerges that more people than ever will face increased financial pressures in the wake of rising fuel bills, the call for household energy efficiency measures have never been greater.

With an average energy bill set to climb to GBP1406 in 2009 (from GBP676 in 2005), the Government has given a commitment to help consumers improve household energy efficiency and permanently bring down energy bills.

As the nation awaits confirmation of where Government support will be given, many organisations are offering advice and guidance into where and how families can make changes that will cut their household energy costs.

Figures from the Energy Savings Trust suggest that if everyone undertook a number of simple measures including: Fitting energy saving light bulbs, double glazed windows, installing a condensing boiler, cavity wall and loft insulation and jackets for hot water tanks, UK households could reduce energy bills by over GBP270 a year and save over GBP1.9bn in fuel costs*.

Paul Kellett, Technical Director at Anglian Home Improvements, an Energy Savings Trust recommended supplier said: "It is increasingly becoming apparent that current fuel price increases are set to have dramatic effects on many people's household bills.

"But making energy efficient changes, ahead of winter, could lead to savings of thousand's of pound on future fuel bills - as well as adding to a house's value. If people are considering making improvements we would urge them to look at the most energy efficient options.

"Installing double glazing for example, cuts heat lost through windows by half. At Anglian we fit B-rated energy saving double glazing as standard, which offers potential savings of over GBP110 per year per household."

Further estimations on savings to be gained from implementing energy efficiency measures in the home include*:

- Around a third of all the heat lost in an un-insulated home is lost through the walls. Fitting cavity wall insulation could save up to GBP120 on an annual fuel bill - Insulating an uninsulated loft can save around GBP155 a year If everyone in the UK topped up their loft insulation to 270mm, around GBP560m would be saved each year. That's enough money to pay the annual fuel bills of around 530,000 families. - An ultra efficient condensing boiler will be 20% more efficient and could save up to GBP130 on heating bills. - Fitting an insulating jacket to the hot water cylinder could save around GBP30 per year - Setting hot water cylinder thermostats to 60degreesC/140degreesF could save up to GBP10 over the year - Using low energy light bulbs to save GBP10 on electricity bills each year. - By installing draught proofing you could save around GBP25 a year on your heating bills

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Steven Holmes, Tel: +44-(0)113-2350229,