PARIS, April 12, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- eServGlobal Limited , a provider of smarter transaction management solutions in Charging, Payment, Retention and Network Services today reported that it was awarded certification by the GSMA for meeting the technical requirements of the Pathfinder Program, the GSMA's Carrier ENUM Service.

Representing the interests of the worldwide communications industry, the GSMA created Pathfinder, a global number translation service, to allow operators, carriers and hubs more cost-efficient routing of international calls, SMS and multi-media messages using a combination of TDM and SIP networks. The GSMA also set up the Pathfinder Industry Partner Program aimed at promoting interoperability of session-based communications and technologies, including VoIP peering, SIP and ENUM, Messaging and Presence Services as well as interconnection of fixed and mobile networks.

A particular aspect of the Pathfinder service is the Number Portability (NP) Discovery service which enables operators to identify the correct destination Service Provider Network (SPN) for relevant traffic corridors. Visibility regarding the destination SPN enables the inquiring network to be more intelligent about route optimization, traffic bundling, service delivery, quality of service, billing and reconciliation. This enhanced destination knowledge further helps manage the voice traffic bundles and termination rates in commercial agreements and reduces missed message delivery.

This fits in well with eServGlobal's own Local Number Portability offering, which permits an operator to test each call for NP on a real time basis. Checking national numbers is done using a copy of the local NP database. Used in conjunction with the GSMA's PathFinder NP Discovery Service, operators can check international destinations as well, to ensure that they are correctly routed without incurring further costs.

The GSMA is pleased to welcome eServGlobal into the growing GSMA Pathfinder Partner Program and is delighted to help service providers manage number portability more cost effectively as a result, said Adrian Dodd, Senior Director at the GSMA.

After significant testing, we're proud to announce that eServGlobal has been named an accredited member of the Pathfinder Programme by the GSMA said Craig Halliday, Chief Operating Officer, eServGlobal. We look forward to assisting operators to increase their connection success rate and make significant cost savings on their call routing.

About eServGlobal

eServGlobal provides solutions for Smarter Transaction Management, driving more value from each telecom transaction.

We enable new business models for tomorrow, while maximizing our customers' investments today. Mobile, fixed, Internet and multi-play communications providers use our world-leading, real-time capabilities to significantly increase revenues, customer loyalty and expenditure efficiency.

Today more than 80 customers, in over 50 countries, perform over 2.4 billion transactions per day using our solutions. eServGlobal has the largest convergent charging and payments installed bases in the world.

Our customers drive our solutions which are rapidly developed and deployed to allow the customer to succeed in changing markets. This customer led approach to our business enables our customers to quickly create and launch new services and personalized, real-time promotions to lead and innovate in their markets.

eServGlobal specializes in agile convergent charging, mobile payment and retention solutions. Our HomeSend solution is the only GSMA endorsed mobile-centric international remittance hub, allowing operators rapid access to this lucrative market.

With 17 offices globally we provide flexible end-to-end solutions with ongoing product development and worldwide implementation and support services.

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