LONDON, June 26 /PRNewswire/ -- The London meeting on June 19 has received first-rate responses on joint efforts both in awareness and information value. A brand new AR video campaign has been launched simultaneously, with safety reminders for all end users.

Top speakers met in London last week to tackle a list of security issues and challenges which affect both private and public sectors and discuss ways to raise information security awareness among members of user groups concerned. Leaks of sensitive information have recently affected businesses, leading to significant data loss. Bringing user groups up to speed by employing appropriate instruments and methods is a matter of priority of private and public sector organisations alike. How do we control information that enters and leaves an organisation? By applying sharp in-house policies and managing data controls while ensuring that staff and stakeholders are up to date on prevailing risks.

Awareness of the risks and safeguards available is the first line of protection on the long road towards security. The speakers discussed data security as a key organisational risk that affects us all, irrespective of our line of business. Never before has the balancing act between cost and benefit in information security been more critical. There were presentations of innovative methodologies, good practices and case studies to sensitize employees to information security risks and remind them of the basic golden rules. The newly released video clips of ENISA on awareness-raising have been officially launched with a view to spearheading raising information security awareness across Europe. ENISA's set of downloadable video clips are a great tool for promoting information security awareness. Here are some comments on the event and videos:

A very helpful joint effort both that addresses real world problems in theory and practice. ENISA's video clips are a valuable benefit for every security awareness program. Prof. Howard A. Schmidt, CISSP, CISM (Hon), President CEO, Information Security Forum Ltd

I found ENISA's London event was interesting and informative, both as a speaker and as an audience member. Bruce Schneier, Chief Security Technology Officer, BT

A very valuable opportunity to share experience with other leading organisations - both helpful and enjoyable. Chris Potter, PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP

The ENISA video clips as well as the recently released posters are available to download on the links hereunder.

Background Download the AR videos here: ENISA's Awareness Raising posters:

For further details, please contact: Isabella Santa, Awareness Raising Senior Expert, ENISA, Sarah Capogrossi, Press and Communications Assistant, ENISA,, +30-6948-460-124

For further details, please contact: Isabella Santa, Awareness Raising Senior Expert, ENISA,; Sarah Capogrossi, Press and Communications Assistant, ENISA,, +30-6948-460-124